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Dictionary of Collectives

A collective noun is a descriptor for a group of entities of one kind, such as a herd of cows or a flock of birds. More interesting are a gaggle of geese or a murder of crows. This searchable dictionary contains most of the special collectives used in English. Use the Contact Page to advise of corrections, or forms we have missed.

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Antelope    herd

Ants    army, colony, swarm

Apes    shrewdness, troupe

Asses    herd, pace

Bacteria    culture

Badgers    cete, colony

Barracudas    battery

Bass    shoal

Bats    colony

Bears    sloth, sleuth

Beavers    colony

Bees    grist, hive, swarm, cluster, nest

Birds (in the air)    flock, flight

Birds (on the ground)    congregation, volary, dissimulation, parcel

Birds (two killed by a hunter)    brace

Bison    herd

Bitterns    sedge, siege

Boars    sounder, singular

Bobcats    litter

Bobolinks    chain

Bucks    brace, clash

Buffalo    gang, obstinacy

Butterflies    flight, flutter, swarm, rabble, roost

Buzzards    wake

Camels    caravan

Caterpillars    army

Cats    clowder, clutter, pounce

Cattle    drove, herd, drift, team, mob

Chickens    brood, flock, peep,

Chicks    clutch, chattering

Clams    bed

Cobras    quiver

Cockroaches    intrusion

Colts    rag, rake

Coots    cover

Cormorants    flight, gulp

Cows    drove, herd, drift, team, mob

Coyotes    band

Cranes    herd, sedge, siege

Crocodiles    float, bask

Crows    murder, murmuration, horde, storytelling

Cubs    litter

Curlews    herd

Curs    cowardice

Deer    herd, leash

Deer, roe    bevy

Dogs    kennel, litter, pack

Dogs (wild)    pack

Dolphins    pod

Donkeys    drove, herd, pace

Dotterel    trip

Dove    dole, flight, piteousness

Doves    bevy, cote, dole, dule, flight, paddling

Doves (Turtle)    pitying, piteousness

Duck (in flight)    flock, team, badling

Ducks (on water)    paddling, raft

Eagles    aerie, convocation

Eels    swarm, bed

Eggs    clutch

Elephant seals    pod

Elephants    herd

Elk    gang

Emus    mob

Falcons    cast

Ferrets    busyness, cast, fesnying

Finches    charm

Fish    catch, drought, haul, run, school, shoal

Flamingos    stand

Flies    business, swarm

Foxes    lead, leash, skulk, earth

Frogs    army, colony, knot

Geese (in flight)    flock, skein, wedge (in a V)

Geese (on the ground)    gaggle

Giraffes    tower

Gnats    cloud, horde, swarm

Gnus    implausibility

Goats    drove, herd, tribe, trip

Goldfinches    charm

Goldfish    glint, cloud

Gorillas    band

Goshawks    flight

Grasshoppers    cloud, cluster

Greyhounds    leash

Grouse    covey, pack (in late season)

Gulls    colony

Hares    down, husk, mute

Hawks    aerie, cast, kettle (flying in numbers), boil (two or more spiraling)

Hedgehogs    array

Hens    brood

Herons    hedge, sedge, siege

Herring    army, shoal

Hippopotami    bloat

Hogs    drift, drove, herd, passel, parcel, team

Hornets    nest

Horses    herd, harras, stable, remuda, team, troop, rag (for colts); stud or string (when breeding)

Hounds    cry, mute, pack, kennel

Housecats    clowder, cluster, dout, nuisance

Hummingbirds    charm

Hyenas    cackle

Iguanas    mess

Jackels    skulk, pack

Jackrabbits    husk

Jays    band, party, scold

Jellyfish    smack

Kangaroos    herd, mob, troop

Kittens    kindle, litter, intrigue

Lapwings    deceit

Larks    ascension, exaultation

Leopards    leap, leep, lepe

Lice    flock

Lions    pride, flock, sault, troop

Lizards    lounge

Locusts    plague, swarm

Magpies    tiding, tittering, tribe, charm, gulp, flock, murder

Mallards    flush, sord (in flight), brace

Mares    stud

Martens    richness

Mice    nest

Minnows    shoal, stream, swarm

Moles    company, labour, movement

Monkeys    barrel, cartload, tribe, troop, troupe

Mules    barren, pack, rake, span

Nightingales    watch

Ostrich    flock

Otters    bevy, family, romp

Owls    flock, congress, parliament

Oxen    drove, herd, team, yoke

Oysters    bed

Parrots    company, flock, pandemonium

Partridges    covey

Peafowl    muster, ostentation

Peeps    litter

Penguins    colony, huddles, rookery, crèche (nursery group)

Pheasants (on the ground)    brood, nest, nide, nye

Pheasants (when flushed)    bouquet

Pigeons    flight, flock, kit

Piglets    farrow, litter

Pigs    drift, drove, herd, litter, sounder

Pilchards    shoal

Plovers    congregation, wing (in flight)

Polecats    chine

Ponies    string, drove

Porcupines    prickle

Porpoises    crowd

Porpoises    herd, pod, school

Poultry    run

Prairie dogs    coterie

Ptarmigans    covey

Pups    litter

Quail    bevy, covey, drift

Rabbits    bury, colony, down, drove, husk, leash, trace, trip, warren

Rabbits (domestic)    herd

Rabbits (young)    litter, nest

Raccoons    gaze

Rats    colony, pack, plague, swarm

Rattlesnakes    rhumba

Ravens    congress, unkindness, storytelling

Rhinoceroses    crash

Roaches    intrusion

Roebucks    bevy

Rooks    building, clamor, storytelling

Salmon    run

Sardines    family

Seals    bob, colony, crash, harem, herd, pod, team, trip

Sharks    shiver, shoal

Sheep    down, drove, flock, fold, herd, hurtle, trip

Snakes    bed, den, knot, nest, pit

Snipe    walk, wisp

Sparrows    host

Spiders    cluster, clutter

Squirrels    dray, scurry

Starlings    murmuration

Storks    muster, mustering

Swallows    flight, gulp

Swan    bevy, game, herd, lamentation, team, wedge (in V flight)

Swifts    flock

Swine    drift, sounder

Teal    spring

Termites    colony, nest, swarm, brood

Thrushes    mutation

Tigers    ambush, streak

Toads    knot, knab

Trout    hover

Turkeys    flock, gang, raft, rafter

Turtledoves    dule, pitying

Turtles    bale, turn, dole

Unicorns    blessing

Vipers    generation, nest

Walruses    herd, pod

Wasps    nest, herd, pladge

Whales    gam, herd, pod, school

Widgeons    company

Wildcats    destruction

Wildfowl    knob, bunch, trip, plump

Wolves    herd, pack, rout, route (when moving)

Woodcocks    fall

Woodpeckers    descent

Wrens    flock, herd

Yak    herd

Zebras    crossing, herd, zeal

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