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A word about Canadian humour

Quintessential Canadian humour is reserved, self-deprecating, and harmless. It lacks the sharp, nasty edge that wit at others' expense easily takes on. It tells why Canadians are ... different.

The True Canadian

Two man sat next to each other for the seventh game of the Stanley Cup final. A few minutes into the game, one noticed there was an empty seat beside the other and asked him about it.

"Oh, that's my seat," the man replied. "Actually, it belongs to my wife. We've always gone to these games together, but she passed away this year."

"Couldn't you have found someone else to give the ticket to, a friend, a relative? It seems a shame to let a seat like that stay empty. It must be the only one in the house."

"Well, I tried," replied the other man, "but they're all at the funeral."

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