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Welcome to the home of opundo

If you haven't figured out from the domain name and a quick look around what kind of site opundo is, you've probably come to the wrong place. If you're a palindromic philologist, a feghoot or jabberwocky fan, helplessly malaproped or otherwise like a good clean game of words, there could be something here for you. We've also got serious stuff on figures of speech. Multiple entendre, Eiderisms, palindromes, Canuck orthography, sdounops, Christian humour, Murphy's Laws (under miscellania), and mathematical mumblings round out the fare. There's also an introduction to Jesus Christ, Who is the Living Word (Logos) and the Open Door (Thura).

opundo is a philology flea market or word garage for Arjay Enterprises, the place we display stuff people don't admit to liking, secretly wish they'd thought of, but wouldn't pay real money for. I understand. I feel the same way.

NEW AT opundo:

We are in the process of adding new pages:

  • We've greatly expanded our serious material on figures of speech and now offer a dictionary of the more common figures of speech based on a new script of our own called dglofaq, designed for web site dictionaries, glossaries, and FAQs.
  • Also based on dglofaq is a page of collective adjectives. Did you know that a group of crows is a murder, or that one refers to a parliament of owls or a gaggle of geese? A complete searchable database is here.
  • Try our page on spoofs and hoaxes, naturally called bunq.
  • A new page, just being built collects self-documenting misteaks.
  • We have a discussion forum where you are free to post comments on opundo and make suggestions.
*Also including*

NOTE: This is humour, so it may be occasionally at my expense; it is not wit and therefore at others'. My stories may sometimes be eschatological, but the "eh" belongs there. In person, and to the right audience I occasionally tell ethnic jokes about the English or Irish (self), or puns that depend on an accent, but even those have been passed by for this site. It is not necessarily PC, but it's clean and kind, the way good fun should be.


opundo's goals:

  • have fun with Philology
  • collect English language oddities
  • serve as a word garage for Arjay Enterprises    (What we can't sell, we give away.)
  • plug the eBooks over at Arjay.ca
  • point you to other Arjay sites
  • open the door to your mind and encourage you to think--even if just a little
  • introduce you to Christ, the Living Word and the Open Door    (Logos and Thura)

Like what you see? Want to exchange links? Want to contribute original or attributed material? Contact Us. If We use your material, We'll acknowledge the source. Offended by something here? Tell me why. I'll ask for a second opinion from a neutral party and if that person agrees, the item will be removed. But hey, don't take yourself too seriously. The world needs some levity.


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