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A list of homophones

I began with several hundred of my own and supplemented these from a variety of lists I found on the net. A few of these depend on dialect pronunciation. Where there was a match with a common word, I included a few proper names. The order of listing is alphabetical by the first word in the family. Unless they creates a new category, I have not listed the plurals of a pair. There are over 700 listed.

a, eh

acts, ax

ad, add

adds, ads, adze

ade, aid, aide

aerie, airy

aero, arrow

affect, effect

ail, ale

air, are, e'er, ere, err, heir

aisle, I'll, isle

ait, ate

all, awl

allowed, aloud

altar, alter

an, Ann, Anne

ant, aunt

ante, auntie

arc, ark

ascent, assent

ate, eight

auger, augur

aught, ought,

aural, oral

auricle, oracle

away, aweigh,

awed, odd

aweful, awful, offal

aye, eye, I

ayrie, aerie

Baal, bail, bale

bailed, baled

bailee, bailey, bailie

bailer, bailor, baler

bailing, baling

bait, bate

baited, bated

baiting, bating

baize, bays, beys

bald, balled, bawled

ball, bawl

band, banned

bans, banns

bard, barred

bare, bear

bark, barque

baron, barren

Barry, berry, bury

basal, basil, Basel

base, bass

based, baste

bases, basis, basses

bask, basque

bat, batt

baud, bawd

bay, bey

be, Bea, bee

beach, beech

beaf, beef

bean, been

beat, beet

beau, bow

beaut, butte

been, bin

beer, bier

bel, Bel, bell, belle

berth, birth

besot, besought

better, bettor

bight, bite, byte

billed, build

bite, byte

bit, bitt

blew, blue

bloc, block

boar, Boer, bore

board, bored

boarder, border

bode, bowed

bold, bowled

bolder, boulder

bole, boll, bowl

boos, booze

born, borne, bourn

borough, burrow

bough, bow

bouy, boy

bot, bought

bra, braw

braid, brayed

braise, brays

brake, break

breach, breech

bread, bred

brewed, brood

brews, bruise

bridal, bridle

broach, brooch

brows, browse

bundt, bunt

burger, burgher

bus, buss

bussed, bust

but, butt

buy, by, bye

buyer, byre

C, sea, see

cache, cash

cached, cashed

cain, cane

calendar, calender

call, caul, col

caller, collar

can, khan

can't, cant

cannon, canon

canter, cantor

canvas, canvass

capital, capitol

carat, caret, carrot, karat

carol, carrel

carpal, carpel

cartel, kartel

cast, caste

caster, castor

catch, ketch

caught, cot

cause, caws

cay, key, quay

cedar, seeder

cede, seed

ceding, seeding

ceiling, sealing

cel, cell, sell

cellar, seller

censer, censor, sensor

census, senses

cent, scent, sent

cents, scents, sense

cere, sear, seer, sere

cereal, serial

Ceres, series

cession, session

chalk, chock

chance, chants

chard, charred

chased, chaste

cheap, cheep

check, cheque, Czech

chews, choose

Chile, chili, chilly

choir, quire

choler, collar

choral, coral

chorale, corral

chord, cord, cored

chute, shoot

cite, sight, site

cited, sighted, sited

clack, claque

Claus, clause, claws

clew, clue

click, clique

climb, clime

close, clothes

coal, cole

coaled, cold

coarse, course

coat, cote

coax, cokes

cocks, cox

coddling, codling

coffer, cougher

coin, quoin

colonel, kernel

complacence, complaisance

complacent, complaisant

complement, compliment

con, kahn

conch, conk

conquer, conker

coo, coup

copes, copse

copped, copt, cops, copse

core, corps

cosign, cosine

council, counsel

councillor, counsellor

craft, kraft

crater, krater

Crays, craze

creak, creek

crewed, crude

crewel, cruel

crews, cruise

crone, krone

cue, Kew, queue

curd, Kurd

currant, current

curser, cursor

cygnet, signet

cymbal, symbol

dam, damn

dammed, damned

darn, darne

days, daze

dear, deer

defused, diffused

dew, do, due

die, dye

died, dyed

dies, dyes

dine, dyne

dire, dyer

disc, disk

discreet, discrete

discussed, disgust

do, doe, dough

doc, dock

does, doughs, doze

done, dun

dos, dues

draft, draught

dual, duel

earl, URL

earn, erne, urn

elicit, illicit

elude, illude

enquire, inquire

epic, epoch

eunuchs, Unix

ewe, yew, you

ewes, use, yews, youse

eyelet, islet

facts, fax

fain, feign

faint, feint

fair, fare

fairing, faring

fairy, ferry

faker, fakir

farrow, pharoah

faux, foe

fawned, fond

fated, feted

fay, Faye, fey

fays, faze, phase

fazed, phased

feat, feet

ferrate, ferret

feted, feated

few, phew

fennel, phenol

fie, phi

file, phial

fillip, Philip

fills, fils

filter, philter

fin, Finn

find, fined

finish, Finnish

fir, fur, furr

fisher, fissure

fizz, phiz

flair, flare

flea, flee

flecks, flex

flew, flu, flue

Flo, floe, flow

flocks, phlox

floes, flows

floor, fluor

flour, flower

foaled, fold

for, fore, four

forego, forgo

foreword, forward

fort, forte

forth, fourth

foul, fowl

freed, Fried

frees, freeze, frieze

friar, fryer

frose, Froese

gaff, gaffe

gage, gauge

Gail, gale, Gael

gait, gate

gaited, gated

galley, gally

gallop, galop

gays, gaze

gene, jean

gild, gilled, guild

gilt, guilt

gin, jinn

gnawed, nod

gneiss, nice

gnu, knew, new, nu

gnus, news

gored, Gord, gourd

gorilla, guerrilla

grade, grayed

graft, graphed

grate, great

grays, graze

grease, Greece

greave, grieve

greaves, grieves

grill, grille

grisly, grizzly

groan, grown

guessed, guest

guide, guyed

guise, guys

gunnel, gunwale

gym, Jim

hail, hale

hair, hare

hairy, Harry, harry

hall, haul

halve, have

halves, haves

hammock, hummock

hangar, hanger

Harold, herald

hart, heart

hay, hey

hays, haze

he'd, heed

he'll, heal, heel

he'll, hill

hear, here

heard, herd

heigh, hi, hie, high

heroin, heroine

hew, hue, Hugh

hi, high

hide, hied

higher, hire

him, hymn

ho, hoe

hoar, whore

hoard, horde, whored

hoarse, horse

hoes, hose

hold, holed

hole, whole

holey, holy, wholly

hoop, whoop

hostel, hostile

hour, our

hours, ours

humerus, humourous

idle, idol, idyl

in, inn

inc, ink

incite, insight

innocence, innocents

inns, ins

it's, its

jam, jamb

jewel, joule

juggler, jugular

knag, nag

knap, nap

knavep, nave

knead, kneed, need

kneel, Neil

knell, Nell

knickers, nickers

knight, night, nite

knit, nit

knob, nob

knock, nock

knoll, Noel

knot, naught, not, nought

knotty, naughty

know, no

knows, noes, nose

lacks, lax

laches, latches

lade, laid

lain, lane

lam, lamb

lama, llama

laps, lapse

lay, lei

lays, laze, leis

lea, lee, li

leach, leech

lead, led

leak, leek

lean, lien

leas, lees

leased, least

lends, lens

lessen, lesson

liar, lyre

lichen, liken

lie, lye

lieu, loo, Lou

light, lite

lightening, lightning

limb, limn, Lim

limbs, limns

links, lynx

literal, littoral

lo, low

load, lode, lowed,

loan, lone

loch, lock, lough

lochs, locks, loughs, lox

loon, lune

loop, loupe

loos, lose

loot, lute

lumbar, lumber

mach, mock

made, maid

mail, male

main, mane

maize, Mays, maze

mall, maul, moll

manner, manor

mantle, mantel

marc, mark, marque

marks, Marx

marquee, marquis

marry, merry

marshall, martial

massed, mast

me, mi

mean, mein

meat, meet, mete

medal, meddle

men's, mends

metal, mettle

meter, metre

mew, mu

mewl, mule

mews, muse

might, mite

mince, mints

mind, mined

miner, minor

mistle, missile, missal, missel

missed, mist, Myst

misses, Mrs.

moan, mown

moat, mote

mode, mowed

moiré, moray

moo, moue

mood, mooed

moor, more

moose, mousse

moral, morel

morn, mourn

morning, mourning

muscle, mussel

mussed, must

mustard, mustered

naval, navel

nay, neigh, neé

nays, neighs

neap, neep

none, nun

oar, or, ore

oh, owe

ohs, owes

one, won

oohs, ooze

ordinance, ordnance

overdo, overdue

paced, paste

packed, pact

pail, pale

pain, pane

pair, pare, pear

palate, pallet, pallette

pall, Paul, pawl

pare, pear, pere

passed, past

patience, patients

pause, paws

pawned, pond

pea, pee

peace, piece

peak, peek, pique

peal, peel

pealed, peeled

pearl, purl, pearl, Perl

peat, Pete

pedal, peddle

peer, pier

pencil, pensil

per, purr

pi, pie

picks, pyx

picnic, pyknic

pieced, piste

pincer, pincher, pinscher

pistil, pistol

place, plaice

plain, plane

plait, plate

planar, planer

pleas, please

pleural, plural

plum, plumb

polar, poler

pole, Pole, poll

poled, polled

pone, pony

poor, pore, pour

popery, potpourri

pored, poured

practice, practise

praise, prays, preys

pray, prey

precedence, precedents, presidents

presence, presents

pride, pryed

pries, prize

prince, prints

principal, principle

profit, prophet

pros, prose

psalter, salter

pshaw, Shaw

psi, sigh, xi

quarts, quartz

queam, queen

quince, quints

rabbet, rabbit

rack, wrack

racket, racquet

rain, reign, rein

raise, rays, Ray's, raze

rap, wrap

rapped, rapt, wrapped, wrapt

ray, re

read, red

read, rede, reed

reading, reeding

real, reel

recede, reseed

reck, wreck

reek, wreak

resinate, resonate

resisters, resistors

rest, wrest

retch, wretch

review, revue

rex, wrecks

rheum, room

rheumy, roomie, roomy

rho, roe, row

rhumb, rum

rhyme, rime

rick, Rick, wrick

rigger, rigor

right, rite, wright, write

ring, wring

rise, ryes

road, rode, rowed

roam, Rome

roil, royal

role, roll

rood, rude, rued

roomer, rumour

root, route

rose, rows

rot, wrought

rote, wrote

rough, ruff

rout, route

roux, rue

rude, rued

rung, wrung

rye, wry

sachet, sashay

sacks, sax

sail, sale

sane, seine

saner, seiner

saver, savour

sawed, sod

scene, seen

scull, skull

seal, seel

seam, seem

seamen, semen

seams, seems

sear, seer

seas, sees, seize

sects, sex

seek, Sikh

serf, surf

serge, surge

sew, so, soh, sow

sick, Sikh

sol, sole, soul

sewed, sowed

sewer, sower

sewn, sown

sewer, suer

shake, sheik

shall, shell

she'll, shill

shear, sheer

sheave, shiv

shoe, shoo

shore, sure

sic, sick

sics, six

side, sighed

sighs, size

sign, sine

sink, synch

Sioux, sou, sough, sue

slay, sleigh

sleight, slight

slew, slough, slue

sloe, slow

soar, sore

soared, sword

solace, soulless

sole, soul

some, sum

son, sun

sonny, sunny

soot, suit

sordid, sorted

spade, spayed

spoor, spore

staid, stayed

stair, stare

stake, steak

stalk, stock

statice, status

stationary, stationery

steal, steel

step, steppe

sticks, Styx

stile, style

stoop, stoup

straight, strait

succor, sucker

suede, swayed

suite, sweet

summary, summery

sundae, Sunday

surplice, surplus

tach, tack

tacked, tact

tacks, tax

tail, tale

tailer, tailor

talk, tok

taper, tapir

tare, tear

tares, tears

taught, taut

tea, tee, ti

team, teem

teaming, teeming

tear, tier

teas, tease, tees

tenner, tenor

tense, tents

tern, terne, turn

Thai, tie

the, thee

their, th'air, there, they're

threw, through

throe, throw

throne, thrown

thyme, time

tic, tick

tide, tied

tighten, titan

timber, timbre

tire, tyre

to, too, two

toad, toed, towed

tocsin, toxin

toe, tow

told, tolled

tole, toll

ton, Tun, tonne

tongue, tung

toon, tune

tort, torte

tough, tuff

tracked, tract

tray, trey

troop, troupe

trooper, trouper

trussed, trust

vain, vane, vein

vale, veil, vail

vary, very

verses, versus

vial, vile, viol

vice, vise

WACs, wax, whacks

wade, weighed

wail, wale, whale

wails, wales, whales, Wales

wain, wane, Wayne

waist, waste

wait, weight

waive, wave

waiver, waver

walk, wok

want, wont

war, wore

ware, wear, where

warn, worn

warrantee, warranty

warship, worship

wary, wherry

Watt, what

way, weigh, whey

we, wee

weal, we'll, wheel

we'd, weed

weir, we're

were, whir

we've, weave

weak, week

weal, wheel

weald, wheeled, wield

weather, wether, whether

weld, welled

wen, when

wet, whet

what, wot

which, witch

whig, wig

while, wile

whiled, wild

whine, wine

whined, wind, wined, wynd

whirled, world

whirred, word

whit, wit

whither, wither

who's, whose

whoa, woe

why, wye

won't, wont

wood, would

worst, wurst

y'all, yawl

yack, yak

yoke, yolk

yore, you're, your

you'll, yule

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