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  • I never make mistrakes.
  • Never use a preposition to end a sentence with.
  • Be sure the number of your verb agree with those of your nouns and adjectives.
  • Don't splice two sentences with a comma, it looks amateurish.
  • Always assiduously and absolutely avoid all ancillary alliteration.
  • Repeating adverbs is a very, very, very bad idea.
  • To egregiously and unnecessarily (especially by many words) split infinitives is a bad idea.
  • Homophones can cause confusion in there spelling. For instance, the "there" over their in the last sentence is incorrect.
  • Unless used in a subordinate clause or after a preposition which creates a phrase, the word "which" should usually be changed to "that".
  • Eschew obfuscation.
  • Avoid the use of redundant, superfluous, extra, excessive verbiage over and above what is or may possibly be necessary and sufficient.
  • Most possessives have an apostrophe. Not so the third person neuter. It's correct usage lacks an apostrophe, which is only employed as a contraction for "it is".
  • A herd of cattle is a collective and so are treated as singular (or ungular).
  • Be careful, where you place commas, as excessive use, makes a sentence, choppy.
  • Deployment of obscurified or speciality words in marginally the impolitic manner, technologically speaking, can unduly wierdify your proclamations.
  • Some people are apparently not adverse to incorrectly substituting similar sounding words for the correct ones. This has a negative effect on the astute reader.
  • I never make misteaks mistrakes misstakes, especially not in speling.
  • Firstly, do not use adverbs where nouns or adjectives are more appropriately.
  • Ubiquity is rare.
  • It is difficult not to believe that multiple negatives aren't a bad non-idea.
  • It is not a bad idea to realize that a sentence like the previous one is a bad idea.
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