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Arjay Enterprises Information Privacy Policies

Information Collection

Arjay Enterprises and its subsidiaries may, from time to time collect personal information from its customers, including, but not limited to name, address, eMail address, web site address, passwords, and credit card number. We store messages sent by our customers and correspondents in our forums, help desk, newsletter software, and eMail archives. Such information is used for customer relations purposes and correspondance only.

Information Security

Arjay Enterprises will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that such information is secured, and will not under any circumstances rent, sell, loan, or give away any information collected during the course of doing business or engaging in correspondence. Credit card numbers are never stored on line.

Spam and Other Practices

Neither Arjay Enterprises or any of its subsidiaries or affiliated companies will send out unsolicited or unrequested eMail except that we may from time to time send eMail or newsletters to groups and/or individuals among our contacts and customers advising them of special offers, requesting help, or informing them of material matters or emergent situations that affect their accounts, domain names, or web hosting services. Such eMail as is sent will not contain advertisements for unrelated products or services from third parties at any time. Arjay Enterprises and its subsidiaries do not allow unsolicited eMail to be sent using its servers. Violators should be reported and their accounts will be suspended without refunds. WebNameHost policies should be reviewed separately for other behaviour not permitted on our hosted accounts or forums.

Other Information Practices

Neither Arjay Enterprises or any of its subsidiaries or affiliated companies will use popup ads, send visitors to other sites in frames, or otherwise disguise a site or mislead our viewers about what site they are on.

Message Content And Client Lists

Except for our public forums, the contents of messages sent to Arjay Enterprises are private, and will not be publicly attributed in whole or in part without the explicit permission of the sender. Except for those who identify themselves on our public forums as such, our client lists are private, and we do not provide references from our files without explicit permission. The entire contents of our consulting portfolio are also private, and we will reveal only in general terms the kind of consulting contracts we may accept. Our consulting reports become the sole property of ourselves and our clients and no information from them will be divulged by Arjay Enterprises to a third party under any circumstances.

Use Of Our Information

We strive to make all information (including pricing) on our sites as accurate as possible, but use of such information is at the viewer's own risk. We will promptly correct any errors reported to us. The text of all information on each and every Arjay Enterprises site is also copyright. However, it may be freely used with attribution on any site that does not contain "adult", pirated, or hate material or links to same.

NOTE: The following are not information privacy violations.

  1. Stating that a web site or other service is suspended (without prejudice),
  2. Posting a quote from a book submitted for review,
  3. Editing and posting a supplied review of our products, books, or services, provided the person making the review knew it was for attribution,
  4. Quoting from a public speech, paper, interview, posting or web site (with attribution),
  5. Offering fair editorial opinions on persons, companies, or policies based on matters that are public knowledge,
  6. Quoting questions and answers from a help query without attribution for illustrative or educational purposes in our forums, FAQs, or help desks,
  7. Having multiple URLs resolve to our main pages or sub pages.

These policies apply to all subsidiaries and websites of Arjay Enterprises, including but not limited to:

Arjay Enterprises
Arjay Web Services and subsidiaries WebNameHost, WebNamesource, WebNym, and nameman
Arjay Books
The Northern Spy
Sheaves Christian Resources
Arjay Consulting
Last revised: 2023 11 22

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